​​Office Chaos Solutions  provides full administrative support to organizations transitioning into a paper-lite office. The core of our business involves the digitization of paper - converting physical paper files into electronic PDF files. We help businesses create or build on existing filing systems, clean-up filing backlog, coordinate office moves and set-ups, assist with shredding needs and coordinate off-site document storage. Our extensive experience includes both small and large organizations, in industries diverse as insurance, finance, accounting, non-profit, manufacturing, property development and construction.  


OUR MISSION In simple terms: to help busy offices manage their paper/data flow effectively. As every office will invariably have a different culture, focus and goal -  our job, as Office Management Specialists, is to help businesses identify their paper/data management needs and help to implement systems that work best for each organization. We are committed to introducing effective filing systems that will increase productivity and employee morale. It has been our experience that the most organized offices are typically the least stressful and the most productive.

OUR FOCUS  We are primarily focused on companies that are

looking to restructure their paper-based filing systems - organizations that are looking to go in the paper-lite/paperless direction. And while office disorganization has more to do with filing habits than paper itself, digitization does go along way in helping organizations manage files effectively. The Office Chaos Solutions staff have both the experience and the passion to bring about meaningful changes to the ​ways offices have been traditionally organized.   

The best organizations are the ones that create inspiring workspaces for their employees.

OUR PHILOSOPHY  Great business, we believe, starts with basic organization. When we are organized, we have the power to think and plan clearly and execute with confidence. When we are organized, we tend to make better decisions and perform better. When we are organized, we tend to be happier with ourselves and with our relationships. And when we are happy, we are usually at our best. We are more open to new ideas. We are more productive. We are more reasonable. We are more helpful. Openness, Productivity, Reasonableness, Helpfulness - these are the fruits of good organization and no doubt what every company strives to inspire in each employee. It is also what we strive to bring to the table as Office Management Specialists and what fundamentally drives our business. We believe that the digitization of paper is a great step forward in reducing paper-related office chaos and applaud the efforts that are underway to make the future office workspace as environmentally friendly as possible.