Whether the office is going in the paper-lite or paperless direction, Office Chaos Solutions can help to organize, upload and store the physical paper files that are taking up valuable office space.



Data Entry

Our services are tailored to meet the specific goals and needs of each organization. 




​​​​​​​We Sort


The Clean-up
The move towards a paper-lite filing system starts with a solid cleanup. Office Chaos Solutions gets the ball rolling by pulling and indexing all the office files. 


Once all the files have been identified, we then look to the client to help us separate the active files from the inactive, and the relevant files from the irrelevant. Office Chaos Solutions then creates an action plan for - 

    a)  digitizing old files

    b)  shredding/throwing out documents no longer used; 

    c)  filing the active documents; and

    d)  storing the inactive but relevant files


The Digitization Process

     Documents are scanned on-site with our own high-speed scanners that process         80-pages per minute

     Documents are captured at 300 DPI Resolution

     Documents are scanned with OCR Searchable feature

     All scanned documents are reviewed for quality and correctness

Filing with care and diligence

The active documents will be filed systemically and labeled professionally. With the inactive documents, clients have 2 options. If space is not an issue, the files can be stored in a completely different section, labeled clearly and professionally. If space is an issue, we will proceed to the next step (see below).

Offsite Storage

The easiest way to free up space is to digitize old files. The second easiest way is to store inactive files offsite.  Office Chaos Solutions can assist with the coordination and shipment process.